Hello Everbody,

I hope everyone had a great and restful week-end.

The weather has been beautiful where I live.

Today I was fitted with a Holter monitor. It’s similar to a portable ECG machine that records tracings of the hearts electrical ability. It is worn over 24 hours, and is an absolute nuisance! It’s like having to wear a handbag over your shoulder for 24 hours! You can’t have a shower, and sleeping? Well I’m yet to tell. I suppose for those of you who toss and turn, it would get in the way. But for those of you who sleep like I do-never moving- well it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem!

The reason I am wearing one is because when I had my operation in early July, my heart rate slowed right down, dangerously low. The drugs that are used to reverse slow heart rates didn’t have any effect on mine. The only thing that seemed to influence and speed up my heart rate was getting out of bed!!! When I stood up from bed, my beats skyrocketed up to 144. A couple of times during testing it looked like things were starting to return to normal…not for long though!

The recordings are analysed by the cardiologist, who then sends the results up to my GP…from there,  my GP sends the results to the Dr’s who will benefit the most from them. There’s no sense sending results to the dentist! As I’m going to be admitted into the Wesley hospital 20/08/2012, results will be sent to my surgeon, who will in turn, send them onto the cardiologist who I will be seeing whilst in Brisbane! The monitor will be removed tomorrow morning at the same time that it was put on!

The fact that I have this monitor on me continues to remind me how frail yet resilient our bodies can be! My body has had so many operations and procedures under general anaesthetic, and whilst I may have set backs, my body still manages to rally around and reach the point of healing! To me this is reflective of resilience and strength. But, over time, is it all really becoming to much for my body to bear? Is everything that’s happened to me catching up; perhaps this is the frailty of our bodies? I’ve become a little bit of a puzzle to my treating doctors because they can’t work out whats happening with my heart. The main and most encouraging thing is that it’s not major and I’m not likely to die from it anytime soon!!

Having my heart monitored, although it’s not serious, serves to remind me that it was only a few years ago that my large bowel was the problem. In a short time since,  the bladder no longer has proper function, my ileostomy would painfully retract and now it painfully prolapses (another story!), my blood takes a little longer than most to clot and now my heart decided to beat slower than most! If the medical profession are puzzled by this I think I am more so!!! Some days I can handle my thoughts  and stay on top of my emotions, other days I seem to crumble and wonder what else will go wrong. These are the days that I allow myself to have my pity party. I do my utmost to make sure that I remain in control over the length of time I have my party as if left unchecked I could become engulfed by depression. Until the day comes that I have a diagnosis of whats happening to my ‘falling apart body’, I will laugh when I can and cry when I can!!