Hi Followers,

I humbly apologise for my silence on my blog…There are so many reasons why I’ve not written anything. In short though, at the present moment I’m not coping…

I’m not coping with the constant pain that hounds me 24/7…that’s another posting!!

I’m not coping with the troubles that I have with my ileostomy…it keeps retracting. Retractions lead to leaks, and leaks lead to damaged skin!! Oh… That’s another posting though as well!

There’s no doubt that I won’t have a shortage of topics, which is a good thing. I don’t want to be a depressive read though. My goal is to use my experiences-the good, the bad and the ugly- to help others, to raise awareness.

Coming up is WORLD OSTOMY DAY…OCTOBER 6TH…The theme for 2012 is      “Let’s be Heard”…



These are a few promotional images….The lilac ribbon contains the words “Wear Lilac for Life” There is a story attached to this theme and I will be writing a post on this to link in with World Ostomy Day. The ribbons are to raise ostomy awareness and can be purchased for $1.00/ribbon. All proceeds will be donated to the Cancer council QLD (Australia). If you would like to purchase a ribbon…email Kylie at  admin@qldstoma.asn.au

What is happening in your country? I’d love to hear as we are united in our stand to raise ostomy awareness. How we came to be an ostomate is 1/2 of the journey…the rest is what we do with the journey to the best of our capabilities….we are brought together through adversity!

Stay strong….and at the time of writing this I send a special word of love and strength to a beautiful person…Charis. Charis underwent her 8th(?) operation the other day… “GET WELL SOON CHARIS”. Hugs and Kisses from Australia!

Bye for now followers and readers,