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ABOUT ME…. I’m  49 years young, a registered nurse and I have a PERMANENT ILEOSTOMY!!! I’m also studying Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicines. Since September 2009, I’ve had a total of 6 major operations, 4 minor operations, 6 nerve ablations, and 2 procedures.

Even though I have lot’s of problems, it is my passion to create awareness about ostomies. The formation of an ostomy is  life saving surgery and yet the public continue to remain ignorant and misconceived about them. Many people  believe that to have a “bag” is something that is gross, repulsive, smelly, or something that only old people have. I want to use this site to educate, support, and raise awareness to dispel the myths that surround being an ostomate.

Following a series of bowel obstructions beginning Feb 2009, I was diagnosed with a  severe case of colonic inertia, which resulted in the formation of a temporary ileostomy in Sept 2009.

In July 2010, I had a colectomy with Ileorectal Anastomosis, this unfortunately failed, and 3 weeks later, I became a permanent ostomate, although, at that time I still had my rectum. In July 2011, my rectum was removed, and I was given a “not quite Barbie butt”!

Later that year, I was hospitalised with severe abdominal/pelvic pain. I was also having issues with my bladder. Following a cystoscopy, I was diagnosed with Atonic Bladder. The only way I could properly drain my bladder was to self-catheterise.

My journey has only just begun but I AM DETERMINED TO STAND TALL,  AND BE HEARD!


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